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Ecoteca has opened the Center for Sustainable Development Polizu – an innovative, 100-square-foot space, furnished with upcycled furniture and equipped with DIY tools. The Center is located in the Campus Polizu of the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

Within the Center for Sustainable Development Polizu NGOs, public and private organizations, students, citizens can participate in debates and events on topics related to circular economy and sustainable development, but also to creative teambuildings – upcycling workshops. (For example: workshops for furniture production from pallets and used tires, workshops for reconditioning used furniture, repair shops, manual recycling for textile waste, recycling workshops for pet, glass, metal etc.). In the past 2 years the results were:
• 26 upcycling workshops organized together with students, volunteers of the Association and citizens passionate about environmental protection
• 19 debates on waste management organized in faculties and within the CDD
• over 500 students and teachers attended the debates on waste management
• more than 500 students and citizens attended the upcycling workshops
• over 250 products were made from waste during the upcycling workshops

Theme for the present workshop is under a pool evaluation on the social media pages. The volunteers have 3 choices – paintings on wood waste, reuse for textile waste and reconditioning old furniture. After the voting, one theme or all will be the choice for the workshop. Note: it is a zero waste workshop, as always in the activity of Ecoteca.


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Gheorghe Polizu

Action Developer

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Ecoteca at Center for Sustainable Development Polizu
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:

e-mail: office@ecoteca.ro; official Facebook pages (Ecoteca - Colectia de Verde, Centrul de Dezvoltare Durabila CDD)


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