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For this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction, we shall be proposing an activity interwoven with Science which would inform and sensitise students to become aware of the emergent and potential threats of irresponsibly discarded hazardous waste to the environment, human health and our livelihood, particularly batteries. We will promote and educate our students about the risks of disposing of batteries and other toxic products as well as teach our pupils to be willing to countenance efforts to reuse/recycle batteries for science experiments. Thus, we will ask our pupils to bring to our school any used batteries from unneeded functioning devices they own at home instead of throwing them in a black garbage bag. During Science lessons, children will make use of batteries to carry out experiments in groups. Consequently, children will be using batteries of unworkable devices as part of a Science experiment to conduct investigations about unrelated topics. Children in the upper years will work in groups on different experiments during the Science lesson. Lessons about why hazardous waste is more susceptible to causing poisonous gases in general will precede. Music and Art lessons interlinked with the topic of hazardous waste will also be implemented at our school. As a school, we will also inform both the local council and the community of Vittoriosa to deliver batteries to our school following an explanation of our activity and the intention behind it.


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St Edward Street
BRG 9031

Action Developer

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St Margaret College Vittoriosa Primary School
# Educational Establishment

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Ms Lorna Schembri, HOS, is our contact person. Her email address is


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