Waste Collection Event at Bursa Uludag University CampusWaste Collection Event at Bursa Uludag University Campus


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Description of the EWWR Action

The total area of the main campus of Bursa Uludag University is quite large, almost 14.41 km². It is challenging to keep this large area clean if it is only left in the hands of the responsible staff. The pollution is primarily a result of the unthoughtful behavior of the campus community.

Therefore, we considered the European Week for Waste Reduction an opportunity to launch an awareness-raising campaign on waste reduction and proper waste management for the campus community. We also believe that the campus community members will take the experience of this action into their lives and be models for their social environment.

We are organizing a two days-event for our EWWR action. The successive events in this framework will take place on November 22 and November 25, 2021.

The components of these two events are the following:

  1. Preparation Step 1: We asked the campus community to take photos of the polluted regions of the campus area and send them to our office (BUU Office of Sustainability) by stating the location of the polluted place. We will organize the waste collection points according to these photos and locations.
  2. Preparation Step 2: We asked the campus community to write their feelings when they see such polluted places and send them to our office. We will use these expressions in our information brochures, leaflets, and presentations.
  3. Action Day 1: On November 22, at 10.00 am, we will meet with the campus community in front of the rectorate building to launch the waste collection event. Rector and vice-chancellors will also participate in the waste collection activity. The attendants will be provided with gloves and waste bags. Students will lead five groups to visit different regions of the campus and collect wastes at these regions. At the end of the waste collection activity, the waste collected will be weighed and given to the waste recycling company. Some of the recyclable waste collected will be separated by the volunteers participating in the second-day event.
  4. Action Day 2: On November 25, at 10.00 am, we will meet at the congress center of the university. There will be several groups of campus community working on converting the recyclable wastes into art objects at the lounge. We will go to the conference hall to listen to the presentations of several professors and students. They will be presenting about “wastes and our lives,” “waste management hierarchy,” “wastes in the food chain,” “projected waste management at the campus,” “the dreams and targets of the Sustainable Campus Student Club” and the statistics of the waste collection event. Animations showing on waste reduction will follow the presentation. The half-day program will end by visiting the workshops in the lounge to see the art products generated by recycling the collected waste.


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Bursa Uludag University
The Office of Sustainability

Action Developer

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Bursa Uludag University
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22/11/21, 25/11/21


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