St. Patrick’s PS, Donaghmore: Waste Free Lunch Day


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St. Patrick’s Primary School, Donaghmore has a long history of being an Eco School and continually works to promote caring for our environment. This has been through recycling, carrying out community clean ups, saving energy and water, growing fruit and veg, promoting healthy eating and exercise, increasing biodiversity of school grounds and integrating environmental actions and learning into the curriculum.
To build on the well-established recycling schemes in school, the Eco Team are taking the lead to promote waste reduction by holding a Waste Free Lunch Day on Wednesday 20th November. The aim of this is to particularly address the use of single use plastics and to encourage long term use of refillable water bottles.
The Eco Team will communicate the purpose of the day to the whole school to ensure all pupils and staff are fully informed and on board.
The Eco Team will monitor waste produced before and after to measure the impact.
This EWWR action is a great way to make everyone stop and think about the everyday buying choices and actions we take that can generate easily avoidable waste. This action really delivers on the ‘change your ways, reduce your waste’ and ‘waste education and communication’ themes of this years’ EWWR.


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- Northern Ireland


Pomeroy Road
BT70 3HG

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St. Patrick's Primary School, Donaghmore
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