Waste Separation GuideWaste Separation Guide


WHAT will be done


This year for EWWR, WasteServ has come up with the idea of a “Waste Separation Guide”. This will be made available on our website, social media platform and also can be downloaded through a QR Code. This guidebook will be available online through the following platforms:

  1. WasteServ Website
  2. EWWR Malta Facebook page
  3. WasteServ Facebook page
  4. WasteServ Instagram page
  5. WasteServ LinkedIn page

Our intention is to make this guide available only online saving on paper and avoid generating more waste.

Also with the help of our 5 Roadshow trucks that visit all localities in Malta and Gozo once a month, WasteServ will be interacting directly with the community, promoting better waste separation and EWWR. Visitors and users of the Roadshow truck will be able to interact with our promoters, learn more about waste separation, and also download the Waste Separation Guide through a QR Code which will be made available as a banner on the truck. Through this method, WasteServ will be reaching people from all of Malta and Gozo.

WasteServ will also promote EWWR and this waste separation guide on TV and radio through educational slots.


WHERE it will take place




Tul il-Kosta
NXR 9030

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


# Administration/Public Authority

How can you get in contact:


99255882/ 23858000


will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

20/11/21, 22/11/21, 23/11/21, 24/11/21, 25/11/21, 26/11/21, 27/11/21


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