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WHAT will be done


Activity 1: Waste Reduction Challenge

We will be doing a waste reduction challenge where each class will not fill the bins (including paper and plastic) up to one week, so as to reduced the amount of waste produced. This will encourage students and teachers to come up with ways to reduce paper and plastic waste.

Activity 2: Eat Responsibly

During the EWWR week students will be encouraged to bring their lunch in a lunch box together with a small table cloth; thus avoiding non-reusable materials such as plastic bags and tissue papers. The Eco-Schools committee will be producing a short video clip with tips on ways to reduce food waste. Thus, during the EWWR week, students will be encouraged to use these tips.

Activity 3: Poster Competition

All classes will be invited in participating in a poster competition about Waste Reduction. Therefore, each class must produce one poster related to our theme. The winning classroom will be given a small trophy created by the Eco-Schools Committee using recyclable materials.

Activity 4: Whiz Quiz

Year 4, 5 and 6 students and also a group of parents will be participating in a Whiz Quiz about recycling and waste reduction. The teams will be using tablets during the quiz to answer the questions. There will also be a number of games to make the quiz more fun.


WHERE it will take place




Frederick Maempel Square
QRM 1515

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Qormi San Ġorġ Primary School
# Educational Establishment

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Dates of the proposed action:

23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015


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