Wedding Decorations – Re-use and be Creative as a Couple!


WHAT will be done


We wanted to be a bit creative for our wedding preparations 🙂 this meant a little bit more stress for us since we decided to decorate the reception ourselves instead of paying someone else to this job for us.

So we searched a bit through Pinterest and Issuu apps, and got some ideas from the pictures we have seen after searching for ‘vintage decorations’. We required old looking stuff for our decorations so we joined ‘Recycle Malta (Free Items Only)’ and other similar groups where we could easily check out for anything that might be of interest to use.

We got two old metal candle holders for free which where going to be thrown away by the owner after being in contact with her through a the facebook group mentioned above.

We bought three old beer Maltese crates, two from next to Inspire market and another one from Birgu market where you could find any antiques being sold there.

We brought a clean wooden pallet from Hal Far Amenity site for free which was thrown away as waste.

We collected several glass bottles (every colour, size and shape) so then we could use the ones that fit most to the actual decor.

We brought some wooden boxes from a fruit and vegetable shop next to us for free and a wooden pine door picked up from a skip while I was passing by.

Another three gunny bags which were used for potatoes were given by my grandmother since she did not need them.

We needed a piece of wood to make a string heart shape, and was given by a carpenter from his corner full of unused wooden pieces.

Other things were bought and added up so to complete the decorations. The reception was decorated a day before and helped by our group of friends.

All of this took quite a lot of time but it was fun since we were merging all these things together into something which we decided to do. We did it! 🙂 The final result was shown to our guests on our wedding day 7th October 2017.

Afterwards we got everything back to our house and right now we are placing back everything in order. My wish is to find someone who can buy them as a whole set with other objects. Like that all these things are again re-used over and over again.


WHERE it will take place




Zurrieq / Malta
Triq Filippu Farrugia
183 'Il-Gnejna' Flat 3
ZRQ 2260

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Glen Galea
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e-mail:; Mob No. 79277772


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