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Ydria Motors is a producer of small electrical motors and fans. We are one of the leading players in the industry of motors for household appliances in Europe and worldwide in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility. We employ app. 530 workers.

We manufacture over a thousand various end products, variyng in terms of appearance and integration options (drying and washing machines, refrigerators, hot air and microwave ovens, independent fans).

The company vision is to establish a production centre for motors and fans as well as their sets for household appliances for the entire ebm-papst Group in Podskrajnik, Slovenia.


1. Posters about European week for waste reduction in the production and for all the employees. The posters will be on information tables where the ecological points stands.
2. All the e-mails of the employees and all internal and external information will be appointed with logo of european week for waste reduction.
3. Workshops for all the employees about waste management ( correct waste separation, waste prevention, concequenses of wrong waste separation, everything presented on slides and real data). The goal of workshops is to educate employees how they should behave not just inside of the company, but also outside, in theri homes, nature,…..

4. Open competition among employees and their families about inovative solutions of reducing waste (reward to the best proposal).

5. Promotion of a week without plastic bottles (all the plastic bottles will be changed for glass jar with natural water, all jars will be appointed with our logo: sponsored by nature and nature gives us the best she has to offer.)

6. Water reduction (labels on sinks: every drop counts) and replacing paper towells with hand dryers.

7. For us as The most important action: reducing plastic foil for all incoming material (notification to all our suppliers app. 170 companies). Change plastic foil with more ecological acceptable material – strips. Measurable goal at the end of the action (long lasting goal, which can not be done just in one week, but at the end we will have positive result – minimal plastic foil just for products that need to transport more safely).

All the actions are supported from our management and have a huge priority among environmental goals.


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Ydria motors production of electromotors d.o.o.
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Waste management


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23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015


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