YOUth Summit on Activism and the Sustainable Development Goals


WHAT will be done


Introduction to the day…
The Sustainable Development Goals are 3 years old
Much work has been done but there is a lot more that we need to do
Young people have been recognised as a key stakeholder in achieving the SDGs
Ireland reported to the United Nations on the SDGs progress we are making at national and international levels at a meeting in New York in July 2018
Ireland also produced a National Implementation Plan 2018 – 2020
We need to move from policy to action
This Summit will hear from some of those taking action on the SDGs
This Summit will look at the issues and actions from a social, economic, and environmental perspective
Have YOUR voice heard!
This is YOUR opportunity to relay issues and solutions because young people are Generation2030 and it is YOUth who will live with the consequences of what and how we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
The Summit will showcase work done by young people on the SDGs and we will hear from young people and organisations who have taken action on issues affecting young people
There will be games, interactive discussions, opportunities to meet with others and have the chats and have some fun!
You don’t want to miss this day!!!

At this event:
You will participate interactively to learn more about Activism and the Sustainable Development Goals.
You will hear from young people about their personal experiences.
You will meet people and organisations who are taking action.
You will have the opportunity to discuss the issues and take away ideas for yourself/community/school/organisation.
You will hear about future opportunities to engage.

You can be part of this. Let’s Change the World!


WHERE it will take place




Camden Street

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


National Youth Council of Ireland
# Association/NGO

How can you get in contact:

Tickets are available for free from Eventbrite at


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