Zero Waste and Environmental Awareness in Preschool Education


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Within the scope of our Sustainable Zero Waste Awareness Project in Buca, we offer the ’31 Day Zero Waste Program ‘training, which includes activities that support planned and different activities for 31 days at 10 Diamond Centers, where we have provided free preschool education since 2014, June 1, 2020 – July 2, We did it between 2020. Before the training, we provided the Trainers’ Training on environmental awareness by the Environmental Engineer working in our institution to our Diamond Center teachers.

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With the “31 Day Zero Waste Program”, we aimed to raise the awareness of zero waste of the students in pre-school age, which is the most effective age group to learn, and to become a permanent behavior. The program, which was planned to be given to a total of 7000 pre-school students who are studying at the Diamond Center and still continuing their education, was unfortunately made online due to Covid-19. “31 Day Zero Waste Program” was shared as a video every day from the social media accounts of Diamond Centers.

We decided to put the event, which we completed with the “ENVIRONMENTAL ANGELS” certificate, back to the agenda within the scope of Waste Reduction Week. We aim to reinforce the zero waste issue and reach a wider audience by making a collage to the educational videos of the 31 Day Zero Waste Program that we have carried out with our children who receive pre-school education, by sharing them again.

31 Day Zero Waste Program, respectively, plastic straws, reusable water bottle, snack packs, protect water – protect the environment, protect nature, collect garbage – beautify your environment, ways to save money in the kitchen, collect your toys – use resources properly, not garbage – compost , recycling starts at home, eco-friendly cloth bags instead of plastic bags, green cleaning, make snacks yourself, do not throw and repair, what should we do with waste oil, what should we do with waste batteries, make school materials eco-friendly, use pair production, eco-friendly transportation like bicycles Use and walk your tools, recycling activities, products with continuous use, brush your teeth-keep the water open to waste, take care of metal waste, food waste, toilet paper, dryers, water saving ways, cloth napkins, disposable products and be creative. The themes of zero waste-reuse-recycling-invisible waste were underlined from the content of the videos shared. Collage will be made of these videos and emphasis will be placed on the education of environmental awareness within the scope of Waste Reduction Week. In addition, a call will be made for the first waste reduction week that our children will celebrate, to take their calendar from it.

In addition, Diamond Centers students made horse figures and seats from waste toys for the Waste Reduction Week. Buca Municipality will be exhibited in front of our main service building and will be shared on social media.

Click for the materials that our pre-school students who receive free education in our Diamond Centers have made from waste to be exhibited:

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