Zero Waste


WHAT will be done


We are launching our Zero Waste initiative. For the EWWR week, we will be having litterless lunches, reducing waste from source.
We will work with our local ASDA supermarket to educate pupils about reducing packaging when doing the weekly shop.
Our waste collector will visit school assembly to talk about how all our recycled waste is managed. Our Eco Committee will visit the factory where our waste is managed.
Our Eco Committee will lead assemblies during the week to educate teachers and pupils about recycling our waste – colour coded bins in classrooms and also at stations round school (blue for plastic, black for general plastic (low grade), brown for food and green for paper). This will link with reducing waste through the litterless lunch action.
We will run a competition through the week on our twitter feed – Radical Recycling – encouraging all pupils to take a picture at home of them and their family recycling – or even better reducing or reusing waste!
We will reuse much of our plastic bottle waste to form a poppy cascade as a mark of remembrance for the centenary of the end of WWI (whole school project – 533 plastic poppies to be made).


WHERE it will take place


- Northern Ireland


Hillmount Avenue

Action Developer

WHO will run the show


Fairview Primary School
# Educational Establishment

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will it happen?

Dates of the proposed action:

19/11/2018, 20/11/2018, 21/11/2018, 22/11/2018, 23/11/2018


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