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GreenhackGBG is an initiative from the city of Gothenburg, which works as a platform for citizens who want a more sustainable, healthier and richer lifestyle.

GreenhackGBG works and interacts through social media. We´re on facebook, instagram, twitter and we have our own website,

GreenhackGBG interacts with citizens who have joined the project. We´re sharing good examples and the participants can choose to accept challenges (for example: “I promise to have one meat free day every week” or “I promise to replace plastic bags with a cloth bag”).

The project GreenhackGBG is divided into themes that change monthly. The theme for March and November is “Consumption and waste”. In March we were specifically oriented towards waste reduction. During the month a woman with the alias “waste free Ada” accepted a really tough challenge: to live totally waste free for the whole month. By letting the members of GreenhackGBG see how well she did during the challenges, we shared good advice on how the members themselves could decrease their own waste. At the end of the month her results were presented. She went from 22 kg waste a regular month, to 5 kg at the end of her waste free month. Impressive! This showed that there´s a lot you can do to influence your amount of waste.

During the month Ada and her waste free lifestyle got a lot of attention in the media. A number of magazines wrote articles and she was in the local radio every Friday during the month. Also, the number of followers on Greenhackgbg´s own media channels increased.

In November, we are oriented towards “sustainable consumption”, and three women, who are having a “buy nothing year” share their experiences on our website.

We also invite interesting people to be guest writers on our instagram every week. This week two journalists show results from their investigations concerning clothing companies and how you can learn to see through and reveal “green washing”. Later in the month we will have people talking about reuse, collaborative consumption and minimalism.


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Karl Johansgatan
402 31

Action Developer

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Environmental and Climate Committee
# Administration/Public Authority

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21/11/2015, 22/11/2015, 23/11/2015, 24/11/2015, 25/11/2015, 26/11/2015, 27/11/2015, 28/11/2015, 29/11/2015


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