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Waste sorting and recycling

During EWWR 2017 we started waste sorting and recycling in our HQ and Campsite. We are happy that the waste sorting and recycling is still ongoing in both areas. In the HQ we are recycling 50% of our waste while the other 50% goes to the landfill. Therefore we are not happy enough since we need to add other waste streams which are glass waste and organic waste. Our target is to send the minimum amount of waste to the landfill. It is such an easy step to take by providing the labelled waste bins and makes a huge difference in the future.

A separate bin named ‘Civic Amenity Site’ will be added as well for any WEEE, neon tubes, light bulbs and construction material which sometimes we discard them in the current general black bag waste. Information will be passed to every group and their leaders so we have a working waste management system.

We are encouraging parents to sort and recycle when taking part in our scout activities. Waste sorting will be our daily routine.

An article will be written on the Scoutkeeper news where this reaches around 8000 scout members and helpers.

This action will be shown through facebook live.


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Triq il-Qrejzu
BKR 2153

Action Developer

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1st Birkirkara Scout Group
# Association/NGO

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Mob No. - 79277772


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Waste sorting and recycling

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