Water Reduction


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At the start-up of weekly production in a cleanroom within our Manufacturing area, all water points are flushed to clear out any residual water from the lines. The flushing is followed by lab testing which verifies water is within specification prior to production starting up.

The Spin Rinse Driers (SRDs) are flushed for 40 minutes prior to production start-up at the start of each week or if the SRD has not been used for a defined time period.

It was observed by Manufacturing associates that the volume of water being used was increasing as the number of Spin Rinse Driers (SRDs) was increasing. It was also being noted by Facilities department that Monday morning start-up was more onerous with increasing demands.

The change is to reduce the SRD purified water (PW) flushing cycle time from 40 minutes to 5 minutes. The purpose of the change is to decrease the volume of PW water used during this start up.


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Model Farm Road
Cork Business & Technology Park

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Alcon Ireland
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LinkedIn - Miriam O'Riordan


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